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Calcium-Carbonate Fertilizer

CaO + MgO – 48,93% / MgO – 9,67% / CaO – 39,26%

Granulated calcium-carbonate Eko-mar fertilizer is the highest quality product, obtained thanks to appropriately selected proportions of calcium carbonate and magnesium, and then subjected to a specialized process of granulation of the 4 - 6 mm fraction.

This technology allows for uniform fertilizer spreading and gradual release of ingredients contained in the fertilizer to the soil, which ensures sustainable effects and prevents leaching fertilizer out of plant root system. It is recommended to fully soil fertilization according to pH soil test at intervals of around 5 years.

The advantage of fertilizer is the possibility to apply it in all soil conditions regardless of the types of crops. Thanks to its deacidifying features the product enhance the plants in calcium and magnesium which have an impact on the structure and increases the resistance of plants to bad weather conditions. Increase bioavailability of microelements in the soil. The fertilizer was produced from natural materials. The fertilizer has all required certificates and completely safe for plants. The fertilizer guarantee an increase in crop yields of 15%-20%.

Liming at
pH 4.0 – 5.5
is necessary

Very Light - 4t/ha or 0.4kg/m3
Light - 4.5t/ha or 0.45kg/m3
Average - 5.6t/ha or 0.56kg/m3
Heavy - 7.5t/ha or 0.75kg/m3
Grassland - 4.5t/ha or 0.45kg/m3

Liming at
pH 4.1 – 6.0
is needed

Very Light - 2.7t/ha or 0.27kg/m3
Light - 3.2t/ha or 0.32kg/m3
Average - 3.7t/ha or 0.37kg/m3
Heavy - 3.7t/ha or 0.37kg/m3
Grassland - 3t/ha or 0.3kg/m3

Liming at
pH 4.6 – 6.5
is advisable

Very Light - 1.3t/ha or 0.13kg/m3
Light - 2t/ha or 0.2kg/m3
Average - 2.1t/ha or 0.21kg/m3
Heavy - 2.5t/ha or 0.25kg/m3
Grassland - 1.7t/ha or 0.17kg/m3

Liming at
pH 5.1 – 7.0
it's limited

Very Light - 0t/ha or 0kg/m3
Light - 0t/ha or 0kg/m3
Average - 1.2t/ha or 0.12kg/m3
Heavy - 1.2t/ha or 0.12kg/m3
Grassland - 0t/ha or 0kg/m3

*Agronomic Soil Class


Thanks to universality and a wide usage perfectly be good for:
• fields cultivation
• horticulture, gardening
• greenhouse cultivation
• cultivation of flowers and plants
• other grassland

Date of fertilization:
• before the orca (in spring / in autumn)
• for frozen soil (in winter)
• for pre-sowing crops (in early spring)
• for grassland (in autumn)

The fertilizer is available in packages:
• 3kg
• 5kg
• 25kg
• 500kg